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“…Reading this well thought out book, one can really understand a position of empathy, non-judgement and care for Agile and the people aspiring to better themselves through it from Terry. While many books out there target specific areas of Agile, this guide is wonderful for those who also seek to understand the ecosystem around which Agile operates and how we can transform our perspectives towards creating better value while caring for people around us. There are key messages around sustainability, vulnerability and humility which resonates with all people in all industries, especially in a time where VUCA dominates our lives. An extremely entertaining and educational read and a must for aspiring and experienced Agile practitioners…”

Hinson 2021

Senior Scrum Master, CBA , CIO for Technology

BE Agile

There is so much written about agile teams and agile organisations, but very little about being an agile individual.

Organisations and made up of teams and teams are made up of individuals, so this book aims to help individuals uplift their agility so they can find joy in working in agile teams as they deliver valuable outcomes for customers of agile organisations.

More than just a set of tips on how to adopt agile ways of working, this book helps you to develop an agile mindset by setting out concrete practices you can apply to your every day work and life.

If you’re new to agile, you will love this book.  You’ll learn what agile is and ways you can apply it to how you think and how you work.  You’ll find this book crammed full of new approaches to dealing with complex situations that will bring joy to your life.

If you’ve heard about agile but are unsure what it means to you, you will love this book.  You’ll find new levels of understanding for all the tools and techniques you’re already familiar with and hopefully a few new ones as well that will add new strings to your bow.  I hope reading this book brings joy to your life.

If you’re experienced with agile you will love this book.  You’ll find that the experiences shared and the ways the tools and techniques are explained brings new levels of nuance that you can use to uplift your agile practice, so it brings even more joy to your life.

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Uplift Your Agility

Looking to elevate the agility of your event, your organisation, your team, or yourself?

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Engage Terry to speak at your event

Terry is a seasoned speaker on everything agile who brings a unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, authenticity and humour to create impactful experiences that inspire audiences to see the world differently.



Transforming Agile Transformations

An impartial viewpoint that provides senior leaders with an honest assessment of where they are now and how they can get to where they want to go while avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes.



Customised training for Team Members and Leaders

Training with Terry is both enjoyable and educational.  His customised training courses bring agile to life in ways that are relevant and lead to true capabilities not just conceptual understanding.



Transforming Agile Transformations

Organisations preparing for or going through an agile transformation are facing a world of uncertainty and potential risk.  Not all agile transformations deliver what they set out to achieve, some deliver very little in the way of improvement and some even cause significant damage.

Whether you’re starting out in your agile transformation or well down the track, a few hours with Terry can be make the difference you need to take concrete steps forward towards your goals.

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With his depth and diversity of experience, Terry brings agile to life in ways that are relatable for the audience, combining real-world experience with metaphor and stories to make learning accessible in ways that lead to genuine capability uplift and behaviour change.

Having organised conferences and events himself, he knows what it takes to make this a smooth and easy engagement for event hosts.  Topics can be co-created with event organisers to suit their specific needs with activities and materials designed to suit the style and personality of your event.


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