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These Playbooks helps teams adopt practices in ways that support capability uplift and a culture of psychological safety, transparency, continuous improvement and collaboration.

What is a Playbook?

  • As in sport, a Playbook is ‘a book’ containing the ‘plays’ that will help us to work together as a team to win at whatever game we're playing.

  • Playbooks are designed as a tool to enable teams to gain a common understanding and approach to the ‘plays’, we need to apply to be successful.

  • These Playbooks include layers of nuance that allow understanding to emerge with deliberate practice.  Teams may not understand why a practice is being adopted in a particular way until they have been practicing it for a while.

  • Playbooks provide a consistent way to START utilising a practice, as a deeper understanding emerges, the Team will adapt the Playbook to suit their circumstances, at this point, they have made it their own and innovation flourishes.

Why are Playbooks important?

  • Playbooks are a means for teams to adopt a consistent language to practices that are readily repeatable.

  • Playbooks support Teams to:

    • Build capability and continuous learning

    • Share a common language

    • Embed behaviours that support a culture of psycholoogical safety, transparency and collaboration.

Scrum Playbooks

These Playbooks help Iteration Based Teams learn the basic Scrum Events.

Kanban Playbooks

These Playbooks help Flow Based Teams learn the cadence of Kanban meetings.

Other Playbooks

These Playbooks help Teams organise themselves and plan their work.

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