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Customer Personas help us to empathise with the customer's situation.

Customer Persona Canvas

Better understand your customers through customer personas

The Experiment Canvas helps you plan for a single experiment.

Experiment Canvas

This canvas helps you to organise your thinking when defining a single experiment

The Experiment Iterations Canvas allows you to plan for a series of small experiments that all contribute to an overarching goal.

Experiment Iterations Canvas

This canvas helps you to plan a series of experiments that each get you closer to an outcome.

Identify your flow state activities.

Find your Flow Worksheet

Find the things you love to do and then find ways to bring more of those things into your life

Use the Framework Selection Canvas to decide which framework suits your team.

Framework Selection Canvas

This canvas helps a Team to decide whether Scrum or Kanban is best suited to their context

The Goal Setting Canvas helps you to think through what matters to you so you can set meaningful, compelling goals

Goal Setting Canvas

This canvas helps you to define and establish your long term goals

The "How Agile Am I" Worksheet allows you to create visibility of your agility in a range of agile areas.

How Agile Am I Worksheet

Use this worksheet to create a view of your agility.

Worksheet to help you break your initiative down into individual deliverables

Initiative Backlog Worksheet

This worksheet helps you to break down an initiative into a series of outcomes and then further break those down into individual work items.

When work is visible, everyone can see what is happening.

Make Work Visible Worksheet

Making work visible ensures everyone can instantly see what is happening, where a task is at, what has been done and the work that is coming up.

The Team Formation Canvas supports a meaningful conversation when establishing teams.

Team Formation Canvas

This canvas helps you facilitate a Team Formation Workshop

Use Value Stream Mapping to make impediments and constraints visible in yoru system.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping a tool from lean manufacturing for making flow in a process visible in ways that highlight constraints and impediments so you can improve.

List of values words to enrich the conversation in a vision/mission statement workshop.

Values Prompting Words

Words to get you started in using the narrative approach for creating a product vision or team mission.

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